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Editor's Message

Marc Jason Gilbert


     The October 2013 issue of World History Connected opens with a Forum on Jesuits in World History whose titles alone suggest how well this Forum can be used to dramatically enhance our understanding, and teaching of, world history. They offer scholarship, teaching approaches and resources that embrace travel literature, primary sources, the place of Africa, Central America and Central Asia in world history and the ecological ramifications of religious conversion. Guest editor Tom Taylor provides an introduction to the subject and a discussion of a classroom simulation that can bring it to life.

     Stanley Burstein opens the articles section with a study that embraces a well-known world historical approach, that of the "Go-Between," to enrich our understanding of the much-neglected, yet vibrant international trade network between the ancient Greeks and non-Greek trading communities in and around the Black Sea. Jane Hooper offers a discussion of how to use the "Voyages" database to engage students in exploring the African Slave Trade. Amit Krobowski engages with considerable vigor the issue of how and what lessons teachers choose to draw from world history. Robert Zens walks instructors though methods and resources that will enabled them to take their students past the common narrative that traces the arc of the Ottoman Empire as running from being "the terror of Europe to its sick man" to consider it on its own terms and its multiple world historical connections.

     The Book Review section of this issue excels in serving those new to the field and more experienced hands in essays ranging from books on the Atlantic World to the Silk Road and from Colonialism to World Trade.

     The next issue of the journal (February 2014) will feature a Forum section with essays on "Architecture in World History" and an articles section lead by an essay on the Indian Ocean in World History.

     Contributions are sought for future Forums on Memorials in World History, which will examine the patterns, as well as sterling examples, of the role of representations of world historical events and people that have shaped historical memory.

     Contributions are also sought for possible future Forums on Water in World History, Food in World History, The Role of the Military in World History, and Women and Imperialism in World History.

     Submission of individual articles on any subject of interest to world historians are also welcome.

Marc Jason Gilbert
Hawaii Pacific University

Marc Jason Gilbert is Professor of History and National Endowment for the Humanities Endowed Chair in World History at Hawai'i Pacific University. He can be reached at


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