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Volume 13 • Number 3

October 2016

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FORUM: Research and Teaching Exhibitions in World History

Researching and Teaching Exhibitions: Opportunities for Engaging World History in Context
Guest Editor: Peter H. Hoffenberg
The Raw Materials of World History: Re-visiting the Great Exhibition's Objects
by Louise Purbrick
Fair Representation? American Indians and the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition
by David R.M. Beck
How Do Exhibitions Travel? A Case Study of the Indian National Congress Exhibitions
by Denise Gonyo
The Soviet Union at the 20th-Century World's Fairs
by Anthony Swift
World Expositions as Time Machines: Two Views of the Visual Construction of Time between Anthropology and Futurama
by Guido Abbattista and Giulia Iannuzzi

FORUM: The Silk Road in World History

Introduction: The Silk Road
Guest Editor: Timothy May
Manichaeism on the Silk Road
by Silvia Mantz
Cultural Conceptions of Silk Road Trade and Merchant Activities in Medieval Eurasia
by Donna Hamil
The Difficult Journey: Overcoming Harām in the Development of Islamic Ṭirāz
by Robert S. Klemm
Digital Resources for the Silk Road in World History
by John Maunu

Book Reviews

Alicia C. Decker and Andrea L. Arrington, Africanizing Democracies, 1980-Present
by Tyler Fleming
Heather Streets-Salter and Trevor R. Getz, Empires and Colonies in the Modern World: A Global Perspective
by Luke Keogh
James Carter and Richard Warren, Forging the Modern World: A History
by Josh Lieser
Kwasi Konadu, Transatlantic Africa, 1440-1888. Epilogue by Trevor Getz
by Michael McInneshin
Wayne E. Lee, Waging War: Conflict, Culture, and Innovation in World History
by Stephen Morillo
Paul M. Cobb, The Race for Paradise: An Islamic History of the Crusades
by Christopher Rose
Cathie Carmichael and Richard C. Maguire, eds., The Routledge History of Genocide
by Alan Rosenfeld
Barbara Alpern Engel and Janet Martin, Russia in World History
by Jack Seitz
Andrew Lees, The City: A World History
by Michael G. Vann
Michael Saler, ed., The Fin-de-Siècle World
by Alexander Vari
Wolfgang Reinhard, ed., Empires and Encounters, 1350-1750
by Alex Zukas
Books available for review

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