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Editor's Message

Marc Jason Gilbert

     World History Connected, a free on-line journal of research and the scholarship of teaching published by the University of Illinois Press, currently reaching 1.85 million readers, announces the publication of its June 2018 issue (Vol. 15, No. 2, at The theme of this issue's multi-article Forum is devoted to "Indigenous Peoples in the Global Revolutionary Era."

     As Forum guest editors Christine Skwiot and Christoph Strobel note, the economic and political changes that swept across the revolutions that transformed the world between the 1770s and the 1840s features prominently in world history textbooks and world history survey courses. However, emphasis is placed on the story of political revolutions through an Atlantic World narrative, even though "historians have recently attempted to set the subject into a global framework."  This Forum's goal is to offer analyses of indigenous peoples during this era to offer some new perspectives to research scholars, teachers and their students "that can deepen our thinking about the range and impact of Age of Revolutions in world history." This Forum's articles stress that, while this era is often associated with empire breaking, it was "also one of empire making." This deeper thinking leads us directly to the key understanding that, these expanding empires led directly to the use of the term 'indigenous peoples' as a series of comparable categories across the globe" and its entrance into the vocabulary of world historians.

     The Articles section in this issue features an analysis of recent discussions on H-World and elsewhere on how to productively address issues of current controversy in the world history classroom. This section also includes the second installment of a new feature:  interviews with world historians who are engaging in new and interesting approaches to world history. This issue features an interview with Michael Vann, a pioneer in developing graphical histories.

     Our book editor, Christina Skwiot continues her unbroken string of gathering books and book reviewers examining wide-ranging topics of interest of world historians and appealing to all levels of instruction.  She welcomes any titles you think WHC should address. Currently, WHC has a number of fascinating and timely books available for review. Please see the "Books Available for Review" button on the left-hand side of the journal's webpage. If you are interested in reviewing any of these titles, please e-mail Christine at supplying her with a brief biography or C.V. and the title that interests you. Please note that availability is subject to change and that World History Connected cannot honor every request. In addition, WHC can only ship books to the United States and Canada.

     Finally, World History Connected has of late been receiving Forum proposals now in the pipeline, such as the Atlantic World, Film, Gender, and the Vikings in World History and would like to receive additional submissions on those subjects, both articles and books reviews.  WHC would also very much like to receive more individual articles for our articles section generally, particularly regarding sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia in world history, which are not the subjects of planned Forums soon, though that depends on contributors! Papers on Forum subjects and the submission of individual articles may be sent to

     I hope to see some of our readers at the World History Association's annual meeting in June for feedback and conversation.

Marc Jason Gilbert, Editor
Hawai'i Pacific University

Marc Jason Gilbert is Professor of History and National Endowment for the Humanities Endowed Chair in World History at Hawai'i Pacific University. He can be reached at

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