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Volume 16 • Number 3

October 2019

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FORUM: Art and World History

Introduction: From Frescos to STEM: Connecting Innovative Scholarship to the Teaching of Art in World History
by Thomas Mounkhall
The Qin Dynasty, the Hellenistic Empire, and the Art that May Connect Them: Why Exploring Cultural Connections Matters for Educators and Students of World History
by Patrick and Michelle Bulla
A Holistic Approach to Using Art to Understand a Historical Human Experience: Uncovering Meaning in Teotihuacan Murals
by Kathryn Florence
Art as a Mechanism for Engagement in the Online Classroom
by Michael Laver
Art in the Teaching of World History in the STEM Classroom: India's Institutes of Technology as a Case Study
by Rajeshwari Dutt


Broadcasting Power: Teaching Historical Transformation through Hagia Sophia
by Matthew T. Herbst
Sufis, Sea Monsters, and Miraculous Circumcisions: Conversion Narratives and Popular Memories of Islamization in Asia
by Stephanie Honchell Smith

Book Reviews

John C. Corbally, The Twentieth-Century World: 1914 to the Present, State of Modernity
by Serge Avery
Clare Anderson, ed., A Global History of Convicts and Penal Colonies
Joseph M. Snyder
Bin Yang, Cowrie Shells and Cowrie Money: A Global History
Eric Spierer
Kate Fullagar and Michael A. McDonnell, editors, Facing Empire: Indigenous Experiences in a Revolutionary Age
Christoph Strobel
Books available for review

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