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Volume 17 • Number 3

October 2020

Brief Summary of the Current Issue
Introduction to World History Connected 17.3, October 2020

FORUM: Southeast Asia in World History: Art, Ethnicity, Gender, Identity, Modernity, and Trade

Introduction to the Forum
Giving Up the Ghost: Rethinking Southeast Asia’s Maritime Past and its Place in World History
by Jennifer L. Gaynor
Negotiating Ambiguities: Female Rule in Muslim Asia during the Early Modern Period
by Barbara Watson Andaya
Islam and Modernity: A Reconciliation through Southeast Asian History
by Ethan Hawkley
Chinese Principalities in the Water Frontiers of Southeast Asia: Historical Significance and Memory of Hà Tiên, Lanfang, and Kokang
by Robert Y. Eng
The Friction of Distance in Borneo: Migration, Economic Change and Geographic space in Sabah
by David R. Saunders
The Bay and the Straits: The Melaka Era (1402-1641) in the Northern Bay of Bengal
by Rila Mukherjee
History Lessons from Vietnamese Francophone Literature
by Jack A. Yeager
Girl with Lotus and M-16: the equivocal legacy of the École des Beaux-arts de l’Indochine 1924–1945
by John Michael Swinbank
Digital Resources for Research and Teaching Southeast Asia in World History
by John Maunu


Imperial Intrigue: Entrepreneurs and Early Twentieth Century Attempts at United States Economic Expansion in Ottoman Iraq
by Jameel Haque
An Interview with a World Historian: Stanley Burstein
Conducted by Marc Jason Gilbert

Book Reviews

Townsend, Camilla.Fifth Sun: A New History of the Aztecs.
by Andrae Marak
Spengler III, Robert N.Fruit from the Sands: The Silk Road Origins of the Foods We Eat.
by Robert Klemm
Delgado, James P. War at Sea: A Shipwrecked History from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century.
by Cynthia Ross
Dejung, Christof, David Motadel, and Jürgen Osterhammel, eds., The Global Bourgeoisie: The Rise of the Middle Classes in the Age of Empire.
by Jeffrey Auerbach
Headrick, David R.Humans Versus Nature: A Global Environmental History.
by Thomas Anderson
Books available for review
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