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Volume 5 • Number 2

February 2008

H-World Editors Introduction: Eurasia in World History  
by David M. Kalivas and Eric L. Martin


Afroeurasia in Geological Time
by David Christian
Eurasia in World History: Reflections on Time and Space
by Peter C. Perdue
The Mongol Empire in World History
by Timothy May


World History Makeover
by James Diskant

Book Reviews

Wiesner, Merry E., William Bruce Wheeler, Franklin M. Doeringer, and Kenneth R. Curtis. Discovering the Global Past: A Look at the Evidence, Volume I and II
by Elmiro Argento
Foster, Lynn V. Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World
by Michael Beauchamp
Logevall, Fredrik. The Origins of the Vietnam War
by Jack Betterly
Halverson, James L., ed. Contesting Christendom. Readings in Medieval Religion and Culture
by Brian Catlos
Ishay, Micheline R. The History of Human Rights: From Ancient Times to the Globalization Era
by Michael Clinton
Egerton, Douglas R., Alison Games, Jane G. Landers, Kris Lane, and Donald R. Wright. The Atlantic World: A History, 1400–1888
by William E. Doody
Hall, Catherine, and Sonya O. Rose. At Home with the Empire: Metropolitan Culture and the Imperial World
by David M. Fahey
West, Harry G. Ethnographic Sorcery
by Bethe Hagens
Carroll, John M. A Concise History of Hong Kong
by Michael Houf
Winseck, Dwayne R., and Pike, Robert M. Communication and Empire: Media, Markets, and Globalization, 1860–1930
by Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Guarneri, Carl J. America in the World: United States History in Global Context.
by John F. Lyons
Stein, Stanley J. and Barbara H. Stein. Silver, Trade, and War: Spain and America in the Making of Early Modern Europe.
by R.K. McCaslin
Rawlinson, George. Phoenicia, History of a Civilization
by Lawrence Okamura
Hoffer, Peter Charles. The Brave New World: A History of Early America, Second Edition
by Mary G. Saracino
Lauren Ristvet. In the Beginning: World History from Human Evolution to the First States
by Michael J. Seth
Liu, Xinru and Lynda Norene Shaffer. Connections Across Eurasia: Transportation, Communication, and Cultural Exchange on the Silk Roads.
by Christopher Chatlos Strangeman
Hochschild, Adam. King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa
by Christoph Strobel
Keller, Richard C. Colonial Madness: Psychiatry in French North Africa
by Cherri Wemlinger
Willinsky, John. Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire's End
by Aaron Whelchel

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