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Volume 6 • Number 2

June 2009

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Forum for New Teachers of World History

by Ane Lintvedt
Managing a Course in World History: The Basics
by Monty Armstrong
An On-Line Jump Start Guide to the Advanced Placement World History Course
by Bill Strickland
The Challenging Concept of Change Over Time
by Sharon Cohen
It is Not the Spanish Inquisition: Designing and Using Effective Multiple Choice Questions
by Ane Lintvedt with Laurie Mannino
Socratic Seminars for Advanced Placement: Putting your Students in the HOT SEAT
by Wendy Eagan
Building Simpler and More Efficient Assessment
by Curtis Greeley
The Place of the Novel in World History Courses: A "Summer Reading" Assignment based on Sophie's World
by Jay Harmon


Women and the Warsaw Ghetto: A Moment to Decide
by Marjorie Wall Bingham
Poetry and Footbinding: Teaching Women and Gender Relations in Traditional China
by Yuan-Ling Chao
Engaging Students to Make Meaning out of their Own Learning:
Constructing Student-Centered Electives and Focusing on Student Decision-Making in Required Courses
by James A. Diskant
Finding Music for World History Classes
by Tom Laichas
Virtual History: Immersing Students in "Hot" Media
by John Maunu

Book Reviews

David Christian, This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity
by William Everdell
Gunnar Olsson. ABYSMAL: A Critique of Cartographic Reason
by Hilde De Weerdt
John Lewis Gaddis. The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past
by Eric Engel Tuten
Jeffrey M. Pilcher, Food in World History
by Marc Jason Gilbert

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