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Volume 7 • Number 1

February 2010

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Forum: Women and World History

by Timothy May, Guest Forum Editor
Grand Princess Olga: Pagan Vengeance and Sainthood in Kievan Rus
by Heidi Sherman
Some Royal Mongol Ladies: Alaqa-beki, Ergene-Qatun and Others
by Paul D. Buell
Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Production and Consumption in the Atlantic World
by Eliza L. Martin
"Manuela Sáenz and the Independence of South America"
by Nicola Foote
'Never of Feminism': Pilar Primo de Rivera and the Spanish Right
by Jessica Davidson
Two Women Prime Ministers in the West in the Late Twentieth Century
by Anneke Ribberink
Shajar al-Durr: A Case of Female Sultanate in Medieval Islam
by Amalia Levanoni


Women in World History: Where to start?
by John Maunu
"Reel Germans": Teaching German (And World) History with Film
by Richard Byers
Using Debate Competition in the Classroom: History Style
by Jason Webster and Grady Long
From Architecture to Yams: Professional Reading for the Busy World History Teacher
by Tom Mounkhall
Engaging Students in Jigsaw Learning, Poster Projects, and Ad Hoc Debates To Encourage Them to Become Critical Thinkers
by James A. Diskant

Book Reviews

Edmund Burke III, David Christian, and Ross E. Dunn, World History: The Big Eras. A Compact History of Humankind for Teachers and Students. A Companion to World History for Us All. A Model Curriculum for World History.
by Craig Benjamin
Anthony Penna, The Human Footprint: A Global Environmental History.
by Mary Jane Maxwell
Gary Y. Okihiro, Pineapple Culture: A History of the Tropical and Temperate Zones.
by Alan Rosenfeld
Andrew Edmund Goble, Kenneth R. Robinson, and Haruko Wakabayashi, eds. Tools of culture: Japan's Cultural, Intellectual, Medical, and Technological Contacts in East Asia, 1000-1500s.
by Michael Wert
Books available for review
by Alan Rosenfeld

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