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Focus on Migration

John Maunu


     In 2000, Patrick Manning, now Director of the World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh developed a Migration in Modern World History, 1500–2000 CD-ROM, providing the field with a much-needed tool for scholarship and teaching about this central issue in world historical studies. Teachers of Advanced Placement courses were put on notice in 2008-2009 by the College Board's program for Advanced Placement in World History that Migration was its "Special Focus" for that year. Such special focus notifications are, as AP World History consultant Monica Bond-Lamberty of Northwood High School in Silver Springs, Maryland has reminded us, of great import. She noted that the Indian Ocean in World History was the 2006-2007 special focus topic and the 2007-2008 focus was the Silk Road. Both topics have appeared on the examination. With such general agreement as to this issue's significance, instructors and students may well be able to put the following web resources to good use.

General Resources

Patrick Manning's Migration in Modern World History 1500-2000 CD-ROM is available at this site.
Provides a synopsis of Manning's Migration in Modern World History, 1500-2000 CD-ROM . and
These sites offer coverage of themes such as crop migration, disease, and short articles on Migration in World History. Scroll down this first article to find links to other articles. Last link is Patrick Manning's book on Migrations.
Wikipedia site that discusses pre-modern migrations, climate-related migrations, political partition-related migrations, such as India in 1947.
Many migration units are featured in the free on-line text World History for Us All directed by Dr. Ross Dunn.
Reference this journal's articles on Immigration at this site.
PBS lesson plans on immigration.  Note links to 3rd-5th grade lessons and scroll down to 9-12thgrade lessons. Note Teen Immigrant links.
This lesson plan is based on PBS program Rumi Returning which addresses 13th Century travel through Islamic world.
This site offers a short bibliography of books on Migration and World history.
Addresses conceptual frameworks and themes for the World History teacher—note discussion on "cultural diffusion," another phrase for migration.
An October 2007 discussion of Global Migration Patterns and Job Creation.
John J. Miller's review of Thomas Sowell's Global Migrations.
Lesson Plans on Migration, various levels inc. AP World--Push Pull factors, etc. al..
Chris Ferraro's World History Lesson Plan--Note Migration theme.
Migration lesson plans--some global, some US.
Lesson plans and foreign country links--"Where did I come from?"
National Geographic lessons on human migrations.
Global Migrationand cultural patterns lessons from National Geographic.
British Red Cross lesson plans on Migrations.
4 Lesson Plans on Chinese Immigration (Emigration) into the US.
U. S. -oriented Migration Resources:
American family immigration website is a great source for information on immigration at its Ellis Island Unit. That site offers a middle-grade through high school unit that allows students to take a virtual field trip to this famous historical site.
Where do I come from?
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 in which students explore connections to their ancestral homelands.
Many lesson plans from PBS.
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education.
Oral history lessons some relating to Immigration.
Information on teaching Immigration through oral histories.
American Immigration Past and Present-a simulation activity for high school students.
The Immigration debate and DBQ by Alan Shapiro. One can also go to the home page of this site and see many, many other great lesson plans, DBQ's and links.
Immigration debate in the classroom, 2007
Many resources and lesson plans including "They Are Not Like Us!": Teaching about Biases Against Immigration."
Educator's Lesson plans for global migration patterns.
'Theodora" reference site. Everything you want to know about immigration. 

John Maunu is an AP/College Board World History consultant, an AP World exam Reader/Table Leader and teaches AP World and AP European history at Grosse Ile High School on Grosse Ile, Michigan.


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