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AP World History Essentials

John Maunu
Home site for College Board and AP World History resources, exams, curriculum, course
description, audit information, etc.

AP world history Teacher community
AP/College Board Resources and Discussion site for AP World history instructors and any other interested
World history publishers, professors, home schoolers, etc.

Bill Strickland website
Bill Strickland bookmarks for AP World History teachers and administrators:
Bill Strickland, AP World History instructor from Grand Rapids, Michigan is a leader in the AP World history
field with resources to help all AP World history teachers.

Bill Zeigler's hotlinks for AP World history
Jay Harmon's website
Kara Macsuga Live Binder AP World History
World History for us all site
Bridging World history site
World History Matters
Best History websites
Paul Halsall Fordham primary source site
Sue Pojer Powerpoint palooza
Virtual History/Tours
AHA Directory of History Journals
Indian Ocean website
Saudi Aramco free on-line magazine
Asia for Educators site
Asia Society
MIT Visualizing Cultures Images site
Black Ships and Samurai Japan
Angkor Wat EDSITEment
Africa website
Europe site
Oceania sites and thanks to David Bell-
Gender site and
Global Indigenous People/Native site
Religions site and and
Global Art (thanks to Arna Margolis)

World History Connected
World History Association Teaching/Resource link
World History Association WHA
H-World site


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