Below are MLA and Chicago style citations for <Author Name>, "."

This article has discrete paragraph numbers in the right margin. Both MLA and Chicago styles allow the use of such numbers for citation of online articles. See the following for information on applying MLA and Chicago styles to electronic citation.

MLA Style
Calls for authors, title, journal name, volume and issue followed by year of publication, number of paragraphs or other text divisions, and finally date of access (today) and url:

<Lastname>, <Firstname>, . : pars. 21 Jun. 2024 <>.

The format for a second reference appears as follows:

<Lastname>, pars 4-6.

Chicago Style
Calls for authors, title, underlined journal name, month and year of publication, followed by url and date of access.

<Author Name>, "," <> (21 Jun. 2024).

Second references are the same as for the MLA style.