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Editorial Board

Carol Adamson
Emeritus, Stockholm International School, Sweden
UW Madison, thesis Sweden and the Ethiopian Conflict 1934-7.
Interests: all aspects of World History. Special training in German history, Scandinavia, Medieval Europe, and special interest in environmental issues.

Linda Black
Stephen F. Austin State University
World History Instruction and Methods, Teacher Training

Herbert Brodsky
Emeritus, Queens College, CUNY
Instructional Methodology, High School Level World History, World Cultures and World Geography

Alice-Catherine Carls
University of Tennessee at Martin
20th century Europe, popular culture, comparative history, Eastern Europe, Poland especially, Silk Road of the 21st century, European integration (1914-current), diplomatic history

Henry Chan
Minnesota State University, Moorhead
World History, East Asia

Allison Clark
The College Board
Medieval European History, Social History, Comparative Religious History, AP World History

Sharon Cohen
Springbrook High School
East Asia, World History Teaching and Learning

Despina O. Danos
Educational Testing Service
Assessment, World History, European History

Elize van Eeden
Patchefstroom University, South Africa
World History, African History

Louise Forsythe
Poly Prep Country Day School
European History, World History

Michael J. Galgano
James Madison University
Modern Europe, Family, Gender, Methodology, Teaching World History

Helen Grady
Emeritus, Springside School
World History Teaching, Social, Cultural and Political History

Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Macquarie University, Australia
Historiography of World History, Big History, Film and World History, Gender and World History

Sunjoo Kang Gyeongin
National University of Education, South Korea
History Education, Teaching World History, Teaching Gender History, Theories of Gender History, Social Studies Education, Teaching Korean History

Tim Keirn
California State University, Long Beach
18th century British History, Teacher Preparation in World History

Mills Kelly
George Mason University
Learning research

Chiu Chun Lee
National Taipei University
Diplomatic History with a focus on Sino-Japanese Relations before coming to the Untied States, World Development from Global and Cultural Perspectives

Jon Lee
San Antonio College
U.S. History, World History, Multimedia Education

Mary Jane Maxwell
Green Mountain College
Religion, Travel, and Medieval World

John Mears
Southern Methodist University
World History, Early Modern Europe, Military History

Tom Mounkhall
SUNY, New Paltz
Modern World History, World History Teaching

Lawrence Okamura
University of Missouri-Columbia
Iron Age Eurasia, Ancient Rome, Ancient Immigration, Trade, Frontiers

Kevin Reilly
Raritan Valley College
World History, Racism, Migrations, World History Teaching

George Rislov
Compass Learning
World History Teaching

Karen Robert
St. Thomas University, Canada
Modern Latin America, Labour, U.S./Latin American Relations, Material History, Argentina

Howard Spodek
Temple University
South Asia, Urban, World History

Peter Stearns
George Mason University
World History, Social History

Carl J. Strikwerda
The College of William and Mary
Migration, World War I, The History of Globalization, International Trade, Christian Democracy, Economic History

Michael C. Weber
Salem State College
Ancient, medieval, & Islamic history, intellectual history and cross-cultural encounters between Muslims and Christians in medieval Spain, modern Islam and Middle East



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