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Volume 15 • Number 3

October 2018

Editor's Message

FORUM: Gender and Empire

Guest Editor: Tracey Rizzo
Introduction: Gender and Empire: Connecting the Personal to the Political and the Local to the Global
by Tracey Rizzo
Intimate Decolonization: Strategies for Reconceptualizing and Teaching the End of European Empires
by Timothy J. Nicholson
El Salvador and the World History of Gender, Modernity, and Empire
by Aldo Garcia Guevara
Imperial Objects: Indigenous Handicrafts, Gender, and Colonial Museums in Modern World History
by Matthew Schauer
(Colonial) Intimacy Issues: Using French Hanoi to Teach the Histories of Sex, Racial Hierarchies, and Geographies of Desire in the New Imperialism
by Michael G. Vann
Gender as a Category of Analysis for Empire? Femininity, Masculinity and Orientalism
by Stephanie Anne Boyle
Teaching the US in/as World History: Scholarship on Gender and Empire that Connects US and World History
by Karen Phoenix


The Mombasa General Strike of 1947: How Workers Initiated the Kenyan Independence Movement
by Mike Blanker
Relatable World History: Local-Global Migration Histories of La Crosse, Wisconsin, the Malay Peninsula, and Barbados (ca 1620s—1930s)
by Tiffany Trimmer

Book Reviews

Daniel Brückenhaus, Policing Transnational Protest: Liberal Imperialism and the Surveillance of Anticolonialists in Europe
by Ian Christopher Fletcher
Virginia Garrard, Peter V. N. Henderson, and Bryan McCann, Latin America in the Modern World
Phillip Anthony Ninomiya
Robert C. McGreevey, Christopher T. Fisher, and Alan Dawley, Global America: The United States in the Twentieth Century
David A. Hollinger, Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried to Change the World but Changed America
Robert Shaffer
Cyrus Schayegh, The Middle East and the Making of the Modern World
Corey Sherman
Philip Ball, The Water Kingdom: A Secret History of China
by Reid Wyatt
Books available for review

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