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Volume 2 • Number 2

May 2005

The Contradictions of a Contrarian: Andre Gunder Frank
by Jeffrey Sommers
Letters to the Editors


A Conversation with Jared Diamond
by Tom Laichas


Social History and World History: Toward Greater Interaction
by Peter Stearns
Modern Warfare: An Overview for World History Teachers
by Wendy Lynch and Bill Bravman
The Small History of the Big History Course
by Fred Spier
World History as a Way of Thinking
by Eric Martin
The World Civilizations Library Assignment: Development and Analysis
by Corey Johnson and Alice Spitzer

Scholarly Exchange: The 'Rise of the West' in Historical Perspective

Peer Vries, the Great Divergence, and the California School: Who's In and Who's Out?
by Ricardo Duchesne
Is California the Measure of All Things Global? A Rejoinder to Ricardo Duchesne
by Peer Vries


Paper Trails: Connecting Viet Nam and World History Through Documents, Film, Literature and Photographs
by Marc Jason Gilbert
Visual Literacy: World History Matters
by Wendy Eagan
Guest Column: Structuring the World History Survey: A First Timer Confesses
by Mary Jane Maxwell
World History Makeovers: World History Syllabi
by Deborah Smith Johnston

Recent books in World History and Pedagogy

Bridal, Tessa. The Tree of Red Stars
by Lauren LoAlbo
Lord, Bette Bao. Spring Moon
Chang, Jung. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
by Nancy Bader
Christian, David. Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History
by Jack Betterly
Wills, John E. 1688, A Global History
by James Covi
Li, Gui. A Journey to the East: A New Account of a Trip Around the Globe
by Michael J Harvey
Parsons, Timothy H. The British Imperial Century, 1815-1914: A World History Perspective
by John F. Lyons
Jack Weatherford, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
by Timothy May
Wolf, Ken. Personalities & Problems: Interpretative Essays in World Civilizations
by Sanjeev Rao
Frey, Marc, Ronald W. Pruessen, and Tan Tai Yong, editors. The Transformation of Southeast Asia: International Perspectives on Decolonization
by Victor Rodriquez
Stark, Rodney. For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery
by Phillip Luke Sinitiere
Chireau, Yvonne P. Black Magic: Religion and The African American Conjuring Tradition
by Claudette L. Tolson
Hobson, John M. The Eastern Origins of Western Civilisation
by Timothy Weston


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