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Volume 3 • Number 3

July 2006


Special Guest-Edited Essays on Teaching World History - From the German Historical Institute

Guest Editorial
by Eckhardt Fuchs and Karen Oslund
World History: Curriculum and Controversy
by Peter Stearns
The Role of Technology in World History Teaching
by T. Mills Kelly
Why Teach World History in School: Curriculum Reform in German Secondary Education
by Eckhardt Fuchs
Integrating World History Perspectives into a National Curriculum: A Feasible Way to Foster Globally Oriented Historical Consciousness in German Classrooms?
by Susanne Popp
The Dilemmas of a National Assessment in World History: World Historians and the 12th Grade NAEP
by Robert Bain and Tamara Shreiner
Taking the Next Step: World History and General Education on the American Campus
by Anthony J. Steinhoff

Essays on Teaching and Practicing World History at the Secondary and University Levels

Fostering Global Interactions? An Experiment in Teaching World History across National Boundaries
by Adrian Carton and Patrick Manning
World History, and World Histories
by Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Big History in Little Places: Hometown Glimpses of the Human Web
by Michael Marcus

Book Reviews

Babcock, Michael A. The Night Attila Died: Solving the Murder of Attila the Hun.
by Timothy May
Bailyn, Bernard. Atlantic History: Concept and Contours.
by Ane Lintvedt
Crouzet-Pavan, Elisabeth. Venice Triumphant, The Horizon Of A Myth.
by Chris Ferraro
de Soto, Hernando. The Other Path: The Economic Answer to Terrorism.
by Allison Freedman
Fagan, Brian. Floods, Famines and Emperors: El Niño and the Fate of Civilizations.
by Michael Christopher Low
Grosjean, Alexia and Steve Murdoch, eds. Scottish Communities Abroad in the Early Modern Period.
by Aaron Whelchel
Pritchard, James. In Search of Empire: The French in the Americas, 1670-1730.
by Mary Saracino
Schlesinger, Roger, et al. Global Passages, Sources in World History Volume I: To 1500 and Volume II: Since 1500.
by James M. Hatch
Stark, Rodney. One True God: Historical Consequences of Monotheism.
by Hilda de Weerdt


Paper Trails
by Marc Gilbert
World History Makeover
by James Diskant
Guest Column: The Individual in World History
by Mary Jane Maxwell
Guest Column: Christine Columbus
by Merry Wiesner-Hanks

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