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Volume 5 • Number 1

October 2007



Why Study World History?
by Jerry H. Bentley
Southeast Asia in World History.
by Craig A. Lockard
Reversing the Disneyfication Process: Using Disney Films to Debunk Stereotypes and Oversimplification In Middle and High School Social Science Courses
by John Murnane
Stimulation Through Simulation: Creating an Excellent Adventure as Students Have a Blast with the Past.
by Anthony Pattiz
Performing History: A Case Study from Mexico for World History Teachers
by Angela Castaneda
Teaching History and National Development in the Third World: The Nigerian Experience
by Olusoji Samuel Oyeranmi
World History Association Conference Panel Forum: "Color Wars: Racism, the Military, and World History"
From Tonkin to Tikrit: Placing Communist Propaganda During the American War in Vietnam in Modern World History 
by Marc Gilbert
'Messing up Another Country's Customs': The Exportation of American Racism During World War II  
by Allison Gough
Race-ing Soldiers Across Imperial Boundaries
by Heather Streets


A Conversation with Kenneth Pomeranz
by Tom Laichas


World History Makeover
by James Diskant
Cross-Cultural Contact Along the U.S. Mexico Border.
by Morgan Falkner
Guest Column: Habits of Mind—Evaluating and Constructing Arguments
by Dorothea A.L. Martin

Book Reviews

Crews, Robert D. For Prophet and Tsar: Islam and Empire in Russia and Central Asia
by Scott C. Bailey
Ostrowski, Donald. Muscovy and the Mongols: Cross-Cultural Influences on the Steppe Frontier, 1304-1589
by Scott C. Bailey
Booth, Martin. Cannabis: A History
by Michael Beauchamp
Seldon, Anthony and Daniel Collings. Britain Under Thatcher
by Herbert Brodsky
Mancke, Elizabeth and Carole Shammas, eds., The Creation of the British Atlantic World
by Amitava Chowdhury
Riley, Philip F., Frank Gerome, Robert L. Lembright, Henry Myers, and Chong-Kun Yoon, editors. The Global Experience: Readings in World History to 1550, 5th edition, Volume 1
by Adele Dalesandro-Haug
Mitchell, Joseph R. and Helen Buss Mitchell, editors. Taking Sides, Clashing Views in World History, Volume 2, second edition
by Adele Dalesandro-Haug
Ekirch, A. Roger. At Day's Close: Night in Times Past
by Michael J. Galgano
Polan, Dana. Scenes of Instruction: The Beginnings of the US Study of Film
by Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Olwell, Robert and Alan Tully, eds. Cultures and Identities in Colonial British America
by Marjorie J. Hunter
Woodruff, William. A Concise History of the Modern World: 1500 to the Present, A Guide to World Affairs, fourth edition
by Angela Lay
Bose, Sugata. A Hundred Horizons: The Indian Ocean in the Age of Global Empire
by Michael Christopher Low
Dawkins, Richard. The Selfish Gene, 30th Anniversary Edition. Kinzer, Stephen. Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq
by Mike Maxwell
White, Ronald. Stolen Continents: 500 Years of Conquest and Resistance in the Americas
by Alberto E. Nickerson
Madden, Thomas F. The New Concise History of the Crusades: Updated Student Edition
by Sanjeev A. Rao, Jr.
Pandey, Gyanendra. Routine Violence: Nations, Fragments, Histories
by Victor J. Rodriguez
Reardon-Anderson, James. Reluctant Pioneers: China's Expansion Northward, 1644-1937
by Michael J. Seth  
Zagorin, Perez. The Coming of Religious Toleration to the West
by Christopher Chatlos Strangeman
Finney, Patrick, ed. Palgrave Advances in International History
by Carl Strikwerda
Burton, Antoinette, editor. Archive Stories: Facts, Fictions, and the Writing of History
by Eva-Maria Swidler
Chamberlain, M. E. The Scramble for Africa. 2nd edition
by Joel E. Tishken
Grosby, Steven. Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction
by Eric Engel Tuten
Mann, Charles C. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
by Bernard Weinraub
Guha, Ramachandra. Environmentalism: A global history. Guha, Ramachandra. How Much Should a Person Consume?: Environmentalism in India and the United States
by Ian C. Wendt

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