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Volume 7 • Number 2

June 2010

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Forum: Making History: the Advanced Placement World History Course Re-Design

William Zeigler, Guest Forum Editor
The AP Paradox: Diverse College Curriculum Confronts a Single Standardized Exam
by Laura J. Mitchell
Origins of the Revision: The Advanced Placement World History Redesign Commission
by Alan Karras
Business as Usual
by Charles Hart
Curriculum Redux
by Deborah Smith Johnston
Thinking Historically
by Deborah Smith Johnston
Learning to Think on Paper: Why Writing Remains Essential in the AP World History Course
by Erik Vincent


"Get Up, Stand Up:": Bob Marley, Victor Jara, Fela Kuti, and Political Popular Music
by Craig A. Lockard
The Carthaginian Invasion of Europe: Polybius, Diodorus, and the Origins of Universal History
by Craig Benjamin
From Ancient Hindu Philosophy to the Human Genome Project: Professional Reading for the Busy World History Teacher
by Tom Mounkhall
Engaging Students to Become Global Citizens: Redefining the Role of World History Teachers to Become Facilitators and Problem Solvers
by James A. Diskant
Focus on Migration
by John Maunu

Book Reviews

Glyn Williams, The Death of Captain Cook: A Hero Made and Unmade.  
by Lauren F. Arvidson
Hannes Mohring, Saladin: The Sultan and His Times, 1138–1193.
by Muhammed Hassanali
Frank Dikötter, The Age of Openness: China Before Mao.
by Kate Merkel-Hess
Christine R. Johnson, The German Discovery of the World: Renaissance Encounters with the Strange and Marvelous.
by Robert Niebuhr
Theresa Urbainczyk, Slave Revolts in Antiquity.
by Saundra Schwartz
David Biale, Blood and Belief: The Circulation of a Symbol Between Jews and Christians.
by Ingrid Wilkerson
Books available for review


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